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We are currently on our annual ZNA membership drive to encourage you to either renew your membership in ZNA or become a new member of an elite organization that has been a main stay in our hobby.

For about 25 years, a number of your fellow club members have joined an organization in Japan called Zen Nippon Airinki or ZNA. The club is known through out the koi world as the ZNA NW CHAPTER. This organization has opened a number of doors for us in our quest for knowledge about our beloved nishikigoi. Japan is the heartland of nishikigoi and by becoming a ZNA member you will strengthen our ties to ZNA and receive a monthly publication called Nichirin. This magazine offers an abundance of information on koi varieties, events around the world, breeders’ backgrounds & current quests, what’s new in the koi world and a history of how our hobby came to be, just to touch a few areas!

Your club has generously agreed to again subsidize a portion ($20.00) of each ZNA membership fee to members in good standing, which is just another way of thanking you for your support and participation in the NW Koi & Goldfish Club (ZNA NW Chapter).

I hope you will support your club in this membership drive and keep your subscription coming of Nichirin or add a new magazine that’s full of information to your growing library.

Click here to Download ZNA Application !!

Thank you…
Larry Christensen
ZNA Membership Chairman




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Join us on the third Saturday of the month at either a members pond or at one of supporters for a evening of fun, food and Koi. Please join us!!

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