Helping find new homes for Koi and Goldfish 

The NWKG Club will offer a helping hand in finding new homes for your beloved Koi and Goldfish.  Whether it is because you have plans to move or just that your pond is overstocked, the club will pass along to our members the information that you share with us.  Just type up a email listing your location, what you would like to re-home, your contact information and any other details that may be relevant.  We will then forward you request out to our general membership.

If you are looking for koi and would like to receive the re-homing emails, all you have to do is join our club.  Besides receiving the re-homing notices, you will also receive all the other benefits being a member of the NWKG Club entitles you to!

Click here to go the membership page!

Disclaimer:  The NWKG Club doesn't not take possession of re-homed koi and goldfish and in no way attests to their condition or overall health.  All risks and responsibilities lie with the parties conducting the re-homing transaction.

Come and Meet Us!!

Join us on the third Saturday of the month at either a members pond or at one of supporters for a evening of fun, food and Koi. Please join us!!

Please email the Newsletter Editor   to get the location of the next meeting.